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Medical Malpractice for Babies
By: Karen Nodalo

Medical practices are some of the causes of pain and suffering among the American Families. The bad news is that it affects the babies in some situation. Researches have shown that around two million babies have suffered from trauma during delivery at the time of their birth. Birth trauma has a lot of consequences which can go from mild to temporary up to devastating injuries. This can also cause tragic impairments that can lead to permanent conditions.

We all know that babies are young and if they experience medical malpractice, they might not recover from the pain and suffering that they are going through. Their body is weak so doctors should take extra care of them.

In some cases, birth trauma cannot be prevented because of some conditions. However, if a good doctor handles the delivery, these situations can be prevented. If a doctor is not that trained and experienced, he might fail to diagnose the cause of the birth trauma. This is where medical practice takes place. There are laws regarding medical malpractices. Doctors should be very careful in treating these cases especially in babies because they might be suffering this for the rest of their lives.

When a medical professional or a doctor fails to diagnose some common prenatal infections, or some other factors, it is expected to have birth trauma. If on the day of the delivery, a medical assistant did not provide the proper treatment, the baby can develop birth trauma that easy. We might not be aware of this but even the babies have feelings at such early stage. Some heavy bruising can be caused by improperly using birthing techniques like vacuums and forceps. These equipments need extra care in using it. Another common example of birth trauma us shoulder dystocia. When a shoulder of the baby is impacted on the pelvis of the mother during birth, which is considered shoulder dystocia. If this is not treated properly, it can lead to serious injuries to the upper extremities of the child.

Medical malpractice and negligence is something that cannot be forgiven to doctors. It has been clear from the start that once they have committed to the care and attention of patients, he must do his best to perform a good action, an action that can alleviate the suffering of the individual. Our babies? life is important so they should be given the proper care and treatment.

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